Jon Hamm vitiligo



It is the hands that give him away. Look closely, and Jon Hamm's hands are marked by success.

In a restaurant overlooking Central Park in New York, you will see a man whose hands are covered in stains that cannot be removed, like the hands of an unfinished mannequin.

The condition is not uncommon. Is called vitiligo: Alters the pigment of the skin and affects approximately one in 200 people. And yet, there is really no definitive cure to this, or indeed a clear cause. It comes like a plague, and it stays forever.

Jon Hamm is an actor, director of American television and producer.


He gained recognition after his role in the series. Mad Men, who got him a Golden Globe in 2008.
The successful AMC series Mad Men was crucial to John Hamm's life not only because it got him acclaim and critical acclaim, but according to him, continued stress as the series went on, and he mentions that was what Vitiligo produced.

Vitiligo is stress induced. It is a condition that causes lightening or loss of pigmentation of parts of the skin. The pigment cells of the skin gradually stop working but it cannot be the only reason for this disease. Research suggests that it could be due to genetic reasons, neurological complications, and Causes viral.


The case of vitiligo developed by the actor came from stress as a gradual consequence of working for the hit television series Mad Men. The skin condition has discolored his hands